Level: Beginners

Duration: 8 hours and 44 minutes

If you are a beginner this is the place to start.

The Foundation series will teach you all the fundamental building blocks of Astrology, helping lay a solid groundwork for your synthesizing and interpreting charts masterfully, and through the eyes of the soul.


Learn at your pace as we pave the way with the structure and foundation for your practice with Astrology.

What's included in the Foundations Set:

  • 10 videos laying out the Foundations of Astrology
  • Sidereal vs Tropical Astrology, which one I use and why
  • The Astronomy of Astrology
  • How the Ascendant is determined
  • Astronomical/geographical division of a chart
  • The importance of angles
  • Attributes of houses, signs, and planets that make up an Archetype
  • Traditional and modern rulerships
  • Elements & modalities - what they mean and how to use them in your interpretations
  • Introduction to working with Transits
  • A deep dive into polarities - how to understand the whole picture and ways you can create balance in a chart
  • The Lunar Nodes, My Secret in Astrology
  • House systems, planetary orbs, intercepted signs, applying/separating aspects, and how events express through the different modalities
  • Brief overview of the cycles of man - this opens up the storyline - see Archetypes for more
  • Using the zodiac wheel as a whole
  • Tips and tricks to practice and advance quickly in interpreting charts
  • The Aries Point - technicalities, characteristics, and interpretations 
  • A brief overview of the Ages and how we're transitioning into the Age of Aquarius 
  • The importance of the Ascendant in your chart
  • A bonus introduction to progressions