Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Duration: 23 hours and 9 minutes

Once the building blocks are set in place through the Foundations series, the next step is gathering the tools that you will be using for your chart interpretations.

Archetypes will give you an in-depth overview of your toolbox, as seen by houses, signs, and planets. 


What I share here are years of my own studies and experiences extracting the heart soul and essence of other charts and material I have studied along the way.


This is the most important part in learning Astrology, as here is where you will tap into the core meaning of your interpretations.
Students say that the series Archetypes is their all-time favorite, with the most comprehensive study of the Archetypes that they have come across.

Understanding the Archetypes is so important that I will teach you all 3 levels, physical psychological and spiritual, so that you can really be equipped to decode the heart-soul-essence of each chart that comes your way.


Each video is accompanied by a complementary audio.

The videos will teach you about the physical and psychological traits of each archetype.

The audios will complement with the perspective of the soul for the same archetype.

This power-combo of body/mind/soul will equip you with a thorough understanding of each planet house and sign, so that you can have the necessary confidence to dive deep into each chart in a multi-dimensional way.


What’s included in the Archetypes Set:

  • Overview & Introduction
  • 12 videos describing the physical and psychological expression of each sign, house, and planet
  • 12 audios describing the heart, soul, and essence of each archetype, exploring the nature and function of the archetype as seen by the intention of the soul. These audios allow you to dive deep and contemplate on the core nature of the archetype, seeing its expression through the eyes of the soul. 
  • Bonus video on Planetary Groups