Level: Intermediate

Duration: 11 hours and 37 minutes

Aspects are the connections that planets make to each other, and understanding aspects is understanding their phases of communication at any given moments in time.
These videos are a deep dive into the heart soul essence of this conversation. 

The different stages and cycles of planets are seen through their aspects with one another and understanding this geometric dance will open up a whole new level of meaning to your chart interpretations.

Join me for this power-packed, physical psychological and spiritual immersion on Aspects.


What's included in the Aspects Set:


  • The phasal relationship between planets, aspects and their signatures in a chart
  • Terminology such as: applying and separating, waxing and waning, opening and closing 
  • The Conjunction - how to determine different types of conjunction, what phasal relationship it holds and its primary message in your chart. 
  • Incorporating signs, elements and modalities into the aspects. 
  • The Square – learn about the different types of squares, understand the dynamics of both planets and how to utilize them in a productive way. 
  • The Opposition – looking at the "full moon" effect and the message it brings. What is ready to come into full awareness and how to work with this aspect.
  • A thorough review of each section to help you grasp these concepts.
  • The Minor Aspects – an in-depth look at the sextile, trine, semi-sextile, and inconjunct. How to understand what phasal relationship they're in and which archetypes they relate to.
  • Hard aspects to Moon/Pluto.
    • Orbs in natal charts and in transits
    • Transiting retrograde planets making aspects to natal planets.
    • Working with squares to Lunar Nodes
  • Q&A session
  • 6 videos, over 11 hours of in-depth content on the aspects!